Tjarot Artyste

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You have seen her a few times now, a pale ethereal ghost passing through the streets of Shirogane. Sometimes, she is bustling off to the ferry to locations unknown, sometimes, she is wandering through the market stalls, her ears tall and showing her path as she wends her way through the crowds, and sometimes you see her entering what must be her apartment building in the subdivision. Her viciously curved horns emit an inner light, bright and white through cracks in their surface. Her eyes also glow white - when you have chanced to see her after dark she appears eyes first, her tall form emerging from the shadows with only her eyes lighting the way. As you have observed her, you see she is quiet, reserved, polite to a fault, and often in the company of a clearly close-knit group of friends...or are they lovers? She exudes an aura of sexuality and danger that has intrigued you from the first moment you saw her. You feel drawn to her quiet beauty, wanting to run your fingers across the cracks in her horns to see if the light within has heat, to run your fingers through her long white hair, to test the points of the small horns on her forehead, to look deeply into the glowing depths of her eyes. It’s not a sexual desire, but an irrational need to know more, to be near her, and learn the reasons for the melancholy that seems her haunt her face whenever you see her.One day, you take your chance. She is at Sojii’s shop, buying a treat, as she often does on this day of the week, and you know that she will likely find a quiet spot to enjoy it before heading home. You step up to the booth beside her, smile politely, and place your own order with Sojii. While you both wait, you turn to her. It is difficult to resist the urge to step closer, to lean into her. “Good afternoon,” You say, bowing in greeting. “Will you indulge me in a chat while we wait?”The shy bun smiled nervously and bowed at you in return. “Hello. I am Tjarot Artyste. It would be a pleasure to chat with you for a while. You are..?”You give her your name, and for a moment you both exchange the shallow pleasantries that come with conversations born in queues. Finally, you cannot hold back your curiosity and admit to her, “I have seen you here in the market many times, and passing through the streets of our lovely housing district. Can I assume you live here also?”Tja grinned and nodded. “I have noticed you noticing me from time to time…I will admit I had wondered if you were ever going to introduce yourself! Yes, I live here - I have an apartment just up the road - but you know that already. I -” Sojii returned to you both with your food and interrupted Tjarot. After the proper pleasantries, the two of you moved away from the booth and began to walk aimlessly through the market, enjoying your snacks. After a few bites, Tja resumed. “I may be quiet, my friend, but I am not without eyes. I have seen you watching me, many times. What is it that you REALLY want from me?”Ducking your head sheepishly, you grin at her. “I honestly don’t know!” You blurt out. “I - find you a mystery, one that I am compelled to understand, I want to discover who you are, because I think you must be far more than what you show yourself to be! Please - tell me what you are!” You find yourself emotional, anxious, desperate to learn. This is the first time you have been so close to her, and the draw you had felt before seemed to increase with every moment you are with her.Smiling, Tjarot said, "If you will indulge me...I will tell you my tale. Follow me - there is a quiet spot I know of where we can sit and speak uninterrupted, if you like.”Eagerly, you agreed, and Tja led you down the market road back in the direction of Sojii’s shop, but before reaching it, she made a left onto a side street that led towards the beachfront residences. “Here -” She said a few fulms later, “- up these stairs.” She climbed a stairway attached to the side of one of the market buildings, and at the top you found yourselves on a nice balcony overlooking both the market road and the Ruby Sea, providing a dramatic view of the ferries and market supply ships with their red, orange and yellow sails hinting at the sunset to come as they briskly floated by. You both sat on a bench facing the sea and after a moment contemplating the view, Tja turned to you.“I am not..from here. No, I don’t mean that I am not from Shirogane, I mean I am not from Etheirys. I came here quite by accident, and have remained because I am enchanted with this place and its people.”Taken aback, you turn on the bench to face her, pulling one leg up under you to comfortably sit in her direction. “I want to know…everything. All of it.” The pull you feel from her is almost hypnotizing and you cannot refrain from showing your fascination with her at this point. She continued as if your reaction were normal, everyday, and she clearly felt no threat from your body language and intensity.With a look of sad melancholy on her face, Tja began her tale. “I was born into a...darker tribe. I know nothing about them; our tribal name, what we actually are - none of it...Our people are not born fully ‘formed’ - we are raised simply in a village of stone in a bleak place where the skies are always black, until we demonstrate some aspect of our abilities on our own, usually by the time we are sixteen." Tjarot's gaze turned away from you, and seemed to stare a thousand malms away. "I...did not."Tja shifted her own position, turning her body to sit facing you as well. “My parents bred me with some kind of high expectations. Whatever those expectations were, I was never told them, but I do know that a huge celebration was planned to welcome me into the world, but then I was born the wrong color. My people do not look like me - they are all as if made of the night sky, skin black like obsidian, with markings like stars that shimmer and sparkle in the darkness of the void. I was born…this…and the feast was set aside, and my parents held onto the hope that perhaps it was a sign that I would be what they wanted when they bred for me. So they waited expectantly, and I was treated well, but as other children passed their name days and met the milestones expected, and I did not, the care and love I had felt slipped away, bit by bit. I never showed any of the signs that I had magick in me - no ability to control aether or dynamis. It was as if I had been drained of all that makes me what my people are before I was born, leaving me this colorless being, stunted to them, lacking, without substance. My people do not tolerate the weak, or the infirm, and breed accordingly. By all rights, I should have been prodigal. But my sixteenth year passed and I had not felt the Lust, had not shown my true eyes, had not flexed the aether or dynamis within me."Tjarot smiled wryly. "Not for lack of trying! But then my eighteenth year passed, and my twentieth...I was a pariah, blocked from learning my people’s secrets, rites, and ways, prevented from seeing the truth of what we are. They made of me a slave. My parents, ashamed, disowned me and forgot my name. I was the tribe's punching bag, toy, nanny to the smallest ones sometimes...and worse. We are not unlike what you know here as succubi, but so much worse - we are far more powerful, and clearly, we are sentient, while your succubi are mindless voidsent. Every time some youth felt the Lust for the first time, I would be bound and blindfolded and...taken. They were not kind.”Tjarot closed her eyes, as if that would stop the replay of those times in her head. "This treatment went on for many many years. I lived a century this way; raped, beaten, diminished, degraded, hurt, and left not knowing what anyone else my age would have long been initiated into. It came to a point that I would simply be doing tasks and would have my vision aetherically obscured, and be taken - once, many times, by one or many - or simply beaten, then discarded, at any time. I finally gathered the strength and ran. I don't think anyone bothered to follow me. I had worked in the nursery, feeding and caring for the infants of the tribe, and I miss the small ones, often, but they likely would have grown up to beat me and rape me, too.”Amazed at the tale unfolding for your ears, you reach forward and grip Tja’s hand, holding it tenderly. “I…I cannot imagine living this way! And you endured this for a hundred years? How - how old are you?”Tjarot squeezed your hand in her own, and smiled at you softly. “I am not sure. I ran for a long time. I left my home world by entering a Portal, quite by accident, and when I came through on the other side I was almost instantly recognized as something dangerous, and was hunted, so I ran some more. Eventually I found another portal, then another, and another, and after a very, very long time of much travel and many travails I found this place, this world. I arrived in a sorry state, starving, nearly emaciated, injured from the many attacks I had endured and the mishaps I’d suffered as I’d run for so long. My wife, Rhowen, found me, saved me, and eventually, loved me. She teaches me her tribe's ways, and it is enough."Again, Tjarot paused, taking a deep breath. “My story is not a sweet one. I don’t look like my people, except when I… lose control of myself. But I try very hard not to. I am not my people. I do not want to be like them, despite wanting to at least know the truth of what exactly we are.”You stared at her, mouth agape, eyes wide. Her story was sad, and yet here she was, older than you could have imagined, whole, and at the very least content despite the questions she clearly still had about herself. “Do you…do you want to go back to your people?” You asked, hoping her answer would be no, as every minute you spent in her presence, holding her hand, made you want to never let go.Tjarot looked down at your hands and her face twisted into a fleeting picture of pain. Gently disentangling her fingers from yours, she put your hand in your lap and pulled her own into her lap. “I…do. I wish to go back and show them I am worthy of knowing who and what I truly am. As for knowing the way back…I ran for hundreds of years, never knowing where I was going, where I had been…I passed through more portals than I could count and visited worlds living and dead. I left no trail of breadcrumbs to return to it or to be followed with. I cannot go back.”Wringing her hands in her lap, Tja looked at you with a look of pure regret on her face. “ I am sorry. I have done something terrible to you, and for that I must express my deepest regrets. I have learned that I am…addictive to the people here on Etheirys. You have followed me, you have been close to me this past hour or so, and you have touched me…if I do not leave you now you will be cursed with the desire to be at my side until you die. I must take my leave of you. Please, for your own good, do not follow me again. In time, you will stop feeling the pull to be near me. I sorry. There is a way…but no. You will not see me again for some time, not until you are well.”Tja stood, and looked down at you. In a voice that seemed to bore through you with command, she said, “Stay here. Sit. Enjoy the sunset. Do not follow me, do not look for me. Thankyou for your companionship and…thankyou for listening to me.”Her words seemed to create pressure on your brain and you nodded, heartbroken but unable to resist her. You sat and watched as she stepped around the bench you had shared and then went down the stairs and out of your sight. You turned to watch the sunset, watching the lights go on, on the passing ships, the colors of their sails blending with the sky, the sun molten and burning as it passed below the horizon on the sea. You sat there, tears crawling down your face, until the night had overtaken the sky, and then you stood, wiped your eyes, and left the balcony and headed home.

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